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  • Age: 22
  • Height: 5.7 (170cm)
  • Weight: 160 (73 kg)
  • Shoe: 13 US (47 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.51/5

In his own words:

""This is my first time but I am doing this for extra cash to put towards my debts.""

Our comments:

""What a great guy. He has that southern charm that you can't help but love. Zeno really has some great potential.""

Producer comments:

""This kid is a pro. It is like he was born to fuck.""

  • Levi Jackson Fucks Zeno Kostas Raw 05-29-2016

    Zeno and Levi are horny and ready to bust a nut, enjoy watching them get each other hard with those skilled mouths and then Zeno takes Levi's cock and his cum!

  • Tyler Griffin And Zeno Kostas Flip 05-13-2016

    Zeno and Tyler exchange kisses and suck cock until they're ready to take a dick in this hot flip scene!

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Chris Taylor Raw 05-06-2016

    Zeno Kostas gives newbie Chris Taylor some pointers on how to be a Broke Straight Boy before he spreads Chris's legs and takes that tight ass!

  • Mikey And Zeno Flip Raw 04-20-2016

    Zeno Kostas struggles to take Mikey's huge cock, but when they flip he makes sure to fuck Mikey hard so that both their asses will be sore for days!

  • Zeno Kostas And Ryan Fields Raw 03-18-2016

    A little foreplay and Ryan Field is bending over to take Zeno Kostas's long, thick cock! They fuck hard and raw until both guys spill their load!

  • Zeno Kostas And Zander Floyd Raw 01-20-2016

    Zeno Kostas and Zander Floyd each get a turn at getting their ass filled with cock as they get heated up with some oral and then flipfuck raw and hard!

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Chandler Scott 01-03-2016

    Chandler Scott and Zeno Kostas get each other warmed up with some sucking and rimming, and then Chandler gets his ass pounded by sexy Zeno!

  • Zeno Kostas Tops Kyle Porter Raw 12-13-2015

    The sexy and experienced Zeno Kostas is paired with newbie Kyle Porter! These guys have some fun and fuck hard as Kyle takes Zeno's raw cock!

  • Kaden Porter Tops Zeno Kostas Raw 11-29-2015

    Zeno Kostas shows Kaden Porter some of his hot strip moves and Kaden can't help but bury his face between Zeno's ass then fuck it!

  • Zeno Kostas And Danny Cannon Raw 10-09-2015

    The sexy and suave Zeno Kostas is back, this time to claim Danny Cannon's tight ass! Watch Danny take Zeno's bare cock like a man!

  • Tanner Valentino And Zeno Kostas 09-30-2015

    Zeno Kostas and Tanner Valentino's routine weight lifting session becomes the scene of a very hot encounter as they finish their work out with some raw ass-pounding action!

  • Devon Felix And Zeno Kostas 09-25-2015

    Devon Felix is in for a treat since he gets to stick his dick in Zeno Kosta's tight ass! Zeno takes one for the team as he lets Devon fuck him hard and deep!

  • Zeno Kostas And Jason Sterling Raw 09-16-2015

    Zeno Kostas is back to show our new blonde hottie, Jason Sterling, what it's like to take a dick! We hope you enjoy all the delicious cock-sucking, 69ing, and ass-pounding action!

  • Zeno Kostas And John Henry 08-30-2015

    John Henry is about to get his ass dominated by Zeno Kostas! Don't miss the hot action and all the sucking and fucking and cum-filled fun!

  • Owen And Zeno Fuck John Threeway 08-19-2015

    John Henry has never taken part in a threesome before, so we've brought in our sexperts Zeno Kostas and Owen Michaels to show him how to suck and fuck and take a dick from 2 guys!

  • Vadim, David And Zeno Bareback 3way 08-07-2015

    Vadim Black, Zeno Kostas, and David Hardy fuck and get fucked in this sexy threeway! Full of all the best ass-pounding and cock-sucking action you could ask for, these boys are sure to get you hot!

  • Zeno Kostas And David Hardy 07-17-2015

    Zeno Kostas and David Hardy are both down to fuck, and they go at it raw and hard! Don't miss this sexy ass-pounding!

  • Gage Owens And Zeno Kostas 06-28-2015

    In the mood for some raw action? Zeno Kostas and Gage Owens are here to deliver! Watch as Zeno gets his ass stretched by newbie Gage's bareback dick!

  • Zeno Kostas And Owen Michaels 06-12-2015

    Zeno Kostas is back and in dire need to make some cash, so we pair him with the new guy to Broke Straight Boys, Owen Michaels. Watch as Zeno pounds him bareback and fills him with cum!

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Brandon Beal 10-26-2014

    Brandon Beal is in desperate need of release, and Zeno Kostas is just the person to help him with that! Watch as these two hot studs suck and fuck raw until they cum all over!

  • Photo Shoot: Behind The Scenes 10-04-2014

    Join the sexy guys: Blake, Vadim, Zeno, Brandon, and Sebastian as they show off their sexy bodies for the camera. This is what happens behind the scenes of our photo shoots and you won't believe the fun we have.

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Sebastian Wilde 10-03-2014

    Zeno Kostas and Sebastian Wilde get a little kinky in this steamy outdoor scene! Watch as these boys fuck, suck, and rim their way to one hot ending!

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Blake Savage Raw 09-21-2014

    Zeno Kostas tops Blake Savage in this hot update! Don't miss Blake taking Zeno's bareback cock in his tight little ass!

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Vadims Tight Ass 09-14-2014

    Get ready for some hot cock-sucking and ass-pounding action as Vadim Black and Zeno Kostas get down and dirty in this sexy scene!

  • Orgy W Vadim, Brandon, Zeno & Blake 09-05-2014

    Vadim Black, Zeno Kostas, Blake Savage and Brandon Beal are 4 very horny hotties who can't wait to get this fuckfest started! Watch as these boys fuck and suck the cum right out of each other!

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Ian Dempsey 08-24-2014

    Zeno Kostas and Ian Dempsey get a little kinky in this delicious scene! These boys know what they like and they know how to please, including some very hot ass-pounding, cock-sucking, rimming action!

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Damien Kyle Raw 05-09-2014

    Zeno is back and he is giving it RAW to Damien Kyle. Stay tuned when Damien Kyle is forced to lick up Zeno's hot load!

  • Zeno Kostas & Tate Flip Fuck Raw 05-02-2014

    Zeno is quickly becoming the new favorite on BSB based on his ratings and down to earth attitude. Watch him in this scene as he gets foot fucked by Tate and then on to fucking his tight ass for the first time.

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Shane Ridge Raw 04-25-2014

    Zeno is back again, this time he is paired with the newbie Shane Ridge. Watch this passionate young man suck cock like he never has 69 style and fucks like he means it.

  • Zeno Kostas Fucks Paul Canon Raw 04-18-2014

    In this hot update, watch veteran Paul Canon get fucked by the newbie Zeno Kostas! Paul starts things off by sucking off Zeno to get him as hard as a rock.

  • Jj Masters Sucks Zeno Kostas 04-06-2014

    Zeno seems a little more on edge than usual...we think it may have something to do with the fact that he’s about to get his big Greek dick sucked by a guy for the first time, or maybe he’s a little nervous about having some dude’s meat in his mouth?

  • Introducing Zeno Kostas 04-05-2014

    Broke Straight Boy newbie, Zeno Kostas, is ready to rock your world! Watch as this sexy, sensual, Greek stud discusses his life, his future in porn, and the family tragedy that, for awhile, nearly cost him his faith.

  • Zeno Kostas Jacks Off 03-12-2014

    Check out the new guy in the house, Zeno Kostas... the guy next door with a huge dick. He's as straight as they come, but that's not something a little money can't change!

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  • yt67hklp on 05/25/2014

    bring this dude back! Throw him with cage and dakota!!

    • caseydalpal on 06/01/2014

      tyler needs to fuck this boi

    • jtm09393693 on 04/02/2014

      yes, wow, awesome. bring him back to top n to bottom. he is hot