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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 5.9 (175cm)
  • Weight: 130 (59 kg)
  • Shoe: 10 US (44 EU)
  • Cock: 7.0 (18cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.53/5

In his own words:

"I am clearly straight. But I like the dough."

Our comments:

"Kodi just turned 18 and came to us because he desperately needs some extra cash."

Producer comments:

"Best part was when he massaged the red handprint that decorated his ass."

  • Scott Harbor & Kodi 01-12-2013

    Scott Harbor fucks for the first time! Kodi's ass will be the one Scott fills up with meat. The two are hesitant at first, but oral loving moves everything along. Soon enough, Kodi is on all fours and Scott pounds away. Kodi takes it all like a champ!

  • John Silver & Kodi 12-22-2012

    Kodi will be John Silver's first taste of male booty. Poor Kodi doesn't know what's in store because John is packing a whole lot of beef. There are cries and curses, but Kodi's hole accepts the massive intrusion. Wait until the end for Kodi's mini-facial!

  • Adam Baer & Kodi 12-01-2012

    Adam Baer and Kodi start this video with wrestling. Kodi loses and pays Adam with some ass and mouth. The mouth payment goes okay, but when Adam gets to Kodis booty the moans and groans get real loud. Everything ends perfectly with a Kodi facial!

  • Carter Blane & Kodi 11-24-2012

    Kodi is back! The hot stud is paired with Carter Blane, which means both of Kodis openings will be stretched to the maximum. Kodi is a trooper and takes everything Carter has to offer. When its all over, both lads are happily spent and tired.

  • Denver Grand & Kodi 08-18-2012

    BSB studs Kodi and Denver heat up the bed this week. There's lots of romance and deep ass drilling -- Kodi takes the anal exploration like a trooper. Both are at the top of their games in this thrilling vid!

  • Jason & Kodi 08-02-2012

    Jason and Kodi get together for the first time. Considering how both are seasoned pros, their vid has everything from kissing to rimming. With a pool included!

  • Kodi & Anthony 07-14-2012

    Anthony, BSB's hardest working bottom, is paired with site heart throb Kodi. When he puts his ass in the air, Anthony gets everything Kodi has.

  • Spencer Todd & Kodi 06-30-2012

    Kodi and Spencer take the time to show us their aggressive and nasty sides. Spencer plays the all consuming top and Kodi takes the role of the pass around bottom. Neither one disappoints!

  • 2012 Denver Pride 06-28-2012

    Broke Straight Boys Denver Grand, Spencer Todd, Kodi, Jason, Chad and Rob Ryder are in Colorado for the 2012 Denver Pride.

  • Kodi & Colin 05-31-2012

    Colin and Kodi team up and BSB will never be the same! The two studs pound each other into submission. You'll be glad we filmed it.

  • Kodi & Liam Corolla 05-12-2012

    Kodi and Liam are back in the studio. Only this time its Kodi's turn to do the fucking.

  • Liam Corolla & Kodi 04-28-2012

    Liam Corolla fucks his first guy, lucky Kodi. What else does Liam do for the first time? Will Liam decide boys are just as much fun as girls? Watch and decide for yourself!

  • Ross & Kodi 04-07-2012

    Kodi and Ross are back in the studio to show off their trim and taut bodies, not to mention their delectable cocks. Watch as Ross has Kodi moaning and begging for more cock!

  • Conner & Kodi 03-03-2012

    This is the most passionate scene on BSB. This is Kodi's first time bottoming and you can actually hear Kodi getting his cherry popped in this scene. Watch as Kodi and Connor lick... suck.. kiss... and cum in this white hot update.

  • Kodi, Mitch, & Tim 02-16-2012

    Three boys get together in a room and are allowed to go wild. What will these ultra hotties do with each other? Give yourself a treat and find out for yourself!

  • Kodi & Clayton 02-11-2012

    These two hotties leisurely suck cock, then, Kodi fucks Clayton hard and fast, both boys dripping with sweat and cum!

  • Kodi & Mitch 01-28-2012

    Today, Mitch and Kodi go at it. The boys trade oral skills before one of them gets fucked for the first time. Is Mitch or Kodi one of the most aggressive tops BSB has ever seen? Watch this extra hot update and find out for yourself!

  • Kodi & Rob 01-14-2012

    Kodi has two firsts today; kissing another boy and fucking a guy's ass. Rob shows Kodi how to perform the perfect blowjob before turning around and letting Kodi ride his ass into tomorrow.

  • Kodi & Rex 01-05-2012

    Today is Kodi's first time appearing on Broke Straight Boys with another guy and admittedly, he is nervous but luckily for him, he gets to have Rex show him the ropes.

  • Kodi And His Bologna 12-28-2011

    Kodi is cooking.

  • Kodi 12-26-2011

    Although it is his first time in the studio, Kodi is no shrinking violet. Watch as he takes his cock in one hand, all the while, flirting with the camera!

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