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  • Age: 18
  • Height: 6.0 (183cm)
  • Weight: 175 (80 kg)
  • Shoe: 12 US (46 EU)
  • Cock: 8.0 (20cm)
  • Performer Rating: 4.59/5

In his own words:

"I have a girlfriend and I have a job, but I need a lot of money to help the family out and to keep up my hobby of having trucks and ATVs. It does not bother me doing another guy, I just think of my girl and the money."

Our comments:

"Adam Baer is a hot find! Only 18, but very secure in his sexuality and happy to please. Adam is usually quiet, does not drink or carouse much. When the camera turns on, though, his inner beast comes out! "

Producer comments:

"So fucking sexy. I haven't crushed this hard on a model since Jason Matthews."

  • Porn Never Sleeps - Ep 8 04-16-2016

    The last episode of the BSB TV series is here, and it'll leave you wanting more. Get caught up in the drama and intrigue as both the models and the staff start to reach their breaking point!

  • Straight Boys Gay Drama Ep 7 04-09-2016

    Episode 7 of BSB TV chronicles more of the harsh realities of making porn, both for the models and the staff, as they struggle to get along and get their work done.

  • The Revolving Door - Ep 6 04-02-2016

    In this episode the crew welcomes Damien Kyle back to the house after Jimmy ends up going home, and we get a glimpse at what happens when the boys have a little too much fun!

  • Someone's Gotta Go - Ep 5 03-26-2016

    Episode 5 of BSB TV shows just how quickly an argument can escalate between the guys, and we find out who's really straight when the boys are given a lie detector test!

  • Family Matters - Ep 4 03-19-2016

    Episode 4 is here! Enjoy the next adventure with the guys as you get to see more behind the scenes drama and get to meet the girlfriend of one of the models!

  • Viva Las Vegas - Ep2 03-05-2016

    Episode 2: Our boys Sergio, Paul, Jimmy and Denver head to Vegas to join in the pride festival, but it's not all fun and games, and sometimes things don't go according to plan...

  • Welcome To Broke Straight Boys Ep1 02-27-2016

    Its Here! The Season Premier of Broke Straight Boys TV. Now available to all BSB Members included in your membership: In this episode learn about the guys and what its like living in the BSB house.

  • Bsb Takes Over Boulder, Co 04-12-2014

    The boys of BSB take a field trip to the eccentric town of Boulder, CO and boy what a ride it is. Watch them as they mingle with the local talent, take over the town, and find out what kinds of girls turn them on! Boulder will never be the same!

  • Who Is The Biggest Slut? 11-16-2013

    Taken straight from the archives, all is revealed when Sha and the boys get together for an impromptu game of "Who is the biggest slut?"

  • Adam Baer Fucks Paul Canon 10-25-2013

    Adam Baer gives Paul Canon the fucking he needs. First they make out. Then lap each other's tools. When it's screwing time, Adam is gentle at first. His thick dick takes some getting used to! Watch for his sloppy load at the end. It covers Paul's hole!

  • Sergio Valen Fucks Adam Baer 10-04-2013

    Adam Baer's boy hole is royally plowed by Sergio Valen! Before the raw fucking, the studs make out and suck each other's rods. Then Adam assumes the position, doggie, and Sergio pierces those pale butt cheeks. When it ends, Adam shoots a stream of juice!

  • Johnny Forza Fucks Adam Baer 07-27-2013

    Johnny Forza gets a chance to fuck Adam Baer's sweet ass! Raw! Adam isn't pleased at first, but after a kiss, and wet blow job, he concedes to having those full buns parted with dick. Johnny pounds away, making sure Adam will walk funny for a week!

  • Denver Pridefest 2013 07-26-2013

    Check out Denver Pridefest and see the boys enjoy the festival and the parade, watch as Kaden gives a few hot lap dances, and hear from a few fans who came out to meet the boys--some as far away as China!

  • Adam, Mick & Kaden 07-08-2013

    Adam Baer, Kaden Alexander and Mick Torrence get it on in this hot three-way. Kaden and Mick get their holes plugged, with Adam playing ring leader of the trio. Mick and Adam give Kaden's hole the treatment it needs. Watch for the juicy ending!

  • Outtakes: Adam Baer & Skyler Daniels 06-28-2013

    Sometimes when the camera starts rolling, you never know what's going to happen. In BSB Outtakes, anything can and will happen when we yell "action". In this "teaser", get a sneak peek of Adam and Skyler's upcoming scene and watch what happens when a strai

  • Adam Baer & Duncan Tyler 06-22-2013

    In this update, Adam Baer and Duncan Tyler flip-flop. Duncan's little butt gets busted first. He groans through it all, even though Adam is gentle. When it's Duncan's turn, he splits Adam open like a peach! There's a lot of shaking when it's all done!

  • Long Beach (raw And Uncut - Bonus) 06-11-2013

    In this bonus episode, catch the guys and their zany discussions as they head for Long Beach Gay Pride!

  • Long Beach Gay Pride (part 2) 06-09-2013

    Adam Baer, Paul Canon, and Brandon Beal at the annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival & Parade in Long Beach, CA. "Raw & Uncut", the fun continues when the boys have an unforgettable encounter with Ms. Kayla Maserati and Cashmere!

  • Adam, Mick & Daniel 06-08-2013

    Adam Baer, Daniel Grange and Mick Torrence share a bed for sexy three-way action! Daniel and Mick stuff Adam's fine ass. Raw. He takes it all like a proud bottom boy. When it ends, Daniel and Mick make sure to deposit their man juice on Adam's abs!

  • Long Beach Gay Pride (part 1) 06-07-2013

    Check out Adam Baer, Paul Canon, Brandon Beal, and Sha when they visit the annual Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride Festival & Parade in Long Beach, CA.

  • Adam Barebacks Skyler 05-25-2013

    Adam takes Skyler for a raw ride, fucking the boy in three positions. Skyler whimpers as Adam's thick sausage parts Skyler's hairy butt cheeks. The pounding gets to Skyler and he shoots a juicy load! Adam pulls out and busts a nut on Skyler's stomach!

  • Straight Talk (episode 3) 05-24-2013

    In this installment of Broke Straight Boy's newest talk show Straight Talk, Sha sits down with hotties Johnny Forza, Adam Baer, Liam Corolla, Ayden Troy, and Skyler Daniels to discuss questions we're all curious to know...

  • Ms. Sabrina's Furnishments: (Episode 2) 05-17-2013

    In this episode, Ms. Sabrina challenges the boys to a game of "sex-slang" and other delicious fun. You won't believe what she has the boys do.

  • Making Of Adam & Johnny Fuck Underwater 05-10-2013

    Join Broke Straight Boys stars Johnny Forza and Adam Baer as they "go deep" underwater in an exclusive sneak peek behind their hot new pool scene.

  • Adam Fucks Daniel Raw 05-09-2013

    In this episode, Adam Baer fucks the new guy Daniel Grange: RAW! Daniel is shy at first but hits his knees, swallowing Adam's bone. Adam returns the favor, but soon breaks that sweet ass in. Daniel groans but Adam pounds away until cum is lost!

  • Phoenix Gay Pride Part 2 05-05-2013

    In part 2 of "On the Road: Phoenix Gay Pride", go one on one with the guys when they each take over the camera to catch all the craziness and zany antics of Phoenix Pride. Don't miss it!

  • Phoenix Gay Pride Part 1 05-03-2013

    Go "on the road" with Sha and the guys when they travel to Phoenix for the first Gay Pride of the 2013 season! In this installment of "On the Road", catch a raw, and candid, glimpse of the guys in their hotel room as they prepare for the day's activities.

  • Adam And Johnny Fuck Underwater 04-27-2013

    A special treat - Johnny Forza and Adam Baer fuck underwater! Raw! The two frolic and play before swim trunks are removed. Both go under to blow and the camera follows them. Then Johnny puts his legs in the air and Adam fills him up to the max.

  • Liam Skyler & Adam 3-way 04-06-2013

    Liam Corolla and Skyler Daniels raw fuck Adam Baer's sweet 18 year old straight-boy hole! Liam gets first shot at parting Adam's milky cheeks. Adam would cry out, but his mouth is stuffed with Skyler's dick. Adam's chest eventually gets soaked in cum!

  • Harlem Shake 04-02-2013

    Broke Straight Boys presents the Harlem Shake. The cast and crew (Johnny Forza, Sha, Aiden Tyler, Adam Bauer, and more).

  • Duncan Adam & Conner 03-28-2013

    Duncan Tyler and Adam Baer fulfill a delivery guy fantasy, with Conner Matthews in the role of the guy bringing a pizza. Once he's inside, Conner hits his knees and sucks away. That's a lot of sausage, but the boy wants a tip. He gets it...a facial!

  • Connor Goes Down 03-19-2013

    Connor has hit a rough patch and needs some cash and fast! What would any college age stud do in a bind? Porn of course! Connor hits the jackpot when he gives Adam Baer and Duncan Tyler a class in Oral Skills 101.

  • Adam Baer Fucks Alex Case 02-21-2013

    Alex Case returns to BSB land to have his sweet ass fucked. Adam Baer is the lucky man taking Alex's cherry. Adam wants a blow job first, which Alex expertly provides. Adam then fills Alex's cute ass. Alex whimpers and whines, but Adam gets his nut!

  • Ayden Troy & Adam Baer 02-02-2013

    Ayden Troy and Adam Baer begin February with a bang. First, they try the pleasures of 69. After getting horned up, it's time for Ayden to cock pierce Adam's succulent ass. Adam grits his teeth like he's in pain but his dick, and load, say something else!

  • Adam Baer & Denver Grand 01-19-2013

    Adam Baer and Denver Grand start this update with heavy kissing. Adam sucks pole first and Denver is pleased with the sensations. Denver turns more impressed when he sits on Adam's hard rod. When Denver gets on his back, Adam goes deep and strong!

  • John Silver & Adam Baer 01-10-2013

    John Silver and Adam Baer show how far they have come when sucking dick is involved. Adam's sweet mouth is stretched by John's long dong. John proves straight boys can be turned into passionate man meat lovers. Both boys bust a nut and so will you!

  • Scott Harbor & Adam Baer 12-27-2012

    Scott Harbor gets his first taste of dick, plus a first-rate BJ from another guy. Well endowed stud Adam Baer is Scott's tutor, and judging from Scott's moans and groans he's hot for teacher. As for Adam, he is very pleased with his charge's sweet mouth!

  • Adam Baer & Carter Blane 12-15-2012

    Adam Baer Carter Blane know what the holiday season is about: giving AND receiving! Carter fills up Adams man hole for the first time. Adam grits his teeth, and takes it, because it feels good. Plus, he will get a chance to make Carter bite the pillow!

  • Adam Baer & Kodi 12-01-2012

    Adam Baer and Kodi start this video with wrestling. Kodi loses and pays Adam with some ass and mouth. The mouth payment goes okay, but when Adam gets to Kodis booty the moans and groans get real loud. Everything ends perfectly with a Kodi facial!

  • Dexter Graf & Adam Baer 11-15-2012

    Dexter Graf has returned! And newbie Adam Baer has him. The Texas lad uses his sweet mouth to get his partner off. He has to work extra hard, but Dexter eventually shoots a load that must be seen to be believed. A straight up gusher that will amaze!

  • Adam Baer 11-12-2012

    Adam Baer isn't a talkative dude, but few will care. The 18-year-old newbie has a hard packed body, with alluring thighs and perfect arms. His sensual solo will make many hearts flutter. Hopefully the sexy Texan will make multiple return trips to BSB!

Comments - Member's Only

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  • anonymous on 07/30/2018

    Adam Baer, you are so incredibly stunning! Deific even. I'm on my knees looking up with profound admiration. Love your hard work ethic! Few have done so much with what they've been given. If your parents really did as you said, congrats on pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. Your indoor pool scene with Johnny Forza was a masterpiece! Please remember that your comeback, if you so choose, will electrify the entire queer nation. Ha ha. Massive luck to you in the meantime! I'm sure you'll make your own. Feel free to spawn 10,000 babies---if that's what you wanna do. A whole nation of your clones would make the world a better place!

    • gboulware on 07/07/2018

      Any video Adam Baer does is well worth watching. Adam is down to earth very sensual and gives 100%. Adam would make a good friend to anyone of any sexual orientation. He's one cool dude, who is completely comfortable with himself.

      • gboulware on 07/03/2018

        Adam Baer is my favorite BSB model. Adam always gives a good performance, he has a plan for his life and he has a nice personality. I wish Adam well.

        • bsb2mchypa on 04/11/2017

          Bring Adam back to BSB

          • wesleywesteria on 08/08/2016

            I was going through old BSB videos searching for this underwater scene I found a bit ago. After finding it, I watched more of his videos and I am so glad I did. Adam reminds me a lot of a summer fling I once had, and it keeps me coming back for more. I may be biased because of that, but Adam is probably the sexiest model they have ever had, and I regret that I couldn't follow him in his prime.

            • ResidentEvil7 on 06/05/2016

              Adam has a VERY sexy body! Boy would I love to put him on the cock carousel and give him the ride of his life! I'd give him a time he'd never forget.

              • anonymous on 04/25/2016

                Does Adam ever swallowi?

                • raymondo on 02/16/2016


                  • OZ77jtm84 on 09/08/2015

                    miss adam, one of my all-time favorite stars. hope he's finding military life rewarding.

                    • anthscu on 05/21/2015

                      PLEASE COME BACK!!!!!


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