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Jacob Durham

When we ask Jacob Durham to strip down, he’s not shy about dropping his clothes and showing us his sexy body!  He puts a lot of work into those muscles every day, and it shows as he flexes them for us, losing his pants next and letting us see that huge cock.  When we let him get started on his solo scene he certainly isn’t afraid of the camera, he grabs his dick and masturbates for us, stroking it up and down as he tries out all different positions. 

He plays with his balls and his nipples as he touches himself, his muscles rippling under his skin as he works his fat cock and makes it harder and bigger than before!  Jacob gets on his knees and bends over, showing us that tight ass while he strokes his cock from behind and when he’s worked himself up closer to cumming, he reclines back on the bed and enjoys the feeling of his own hand around his throbbing dick until he shoots his load all over himself!

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