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Zach Covington Add to Favorites
  • Age: 19
  • Height: 5.8 (173cm)
  • Weight: 145
  • Shoe: 11 US (45 EU)
  • Cock: 6.5 (17cm) Cut
  • Performer Rating: 4.34/5

In his own words:

"I am a very outgoing person that is caring, fun and passionate. "

Our comments:

"What can we say, Zach is hot. The red hair and beautiful blue eyes caught our attention but the personality kept us wanting more. "

  • Ronan Kennedy And Zach Covington 11-04-2016

    Zach and Ronan don't waste time with small talk, they get right to the good stuff, sucking and fucking until they both cum!

  • Chaz Berling And Zach Covington 10-14-2016

    Today we welcome back Zach Covington, paired with the down to earth Chaz Berling. Enjoy as Chaz dominates Zach bareback!

  • Kaden Porter And Zach Covington 09-25-2016

    Kaden and Zach have got a very hot scene planned for you full of cock-sucking, ass-licking, fucking and Zach getting a mouth full of his own cum...

  • Jason Sterling Fucks Zach Covington 09-07-2016

    Jason is hungry for some action and when Zach's cock comes out the foreplay starts...after that, it's not long before Jason is pounding Zach's tight ass!

  • Kaden Alexander And Zach Covington 08-31-2016

    Kaden's back and ready for action so we're pairing him with Zach Covington, who's ready to have his ass pounded by Kaden's big cock!

  • Game Night 08-27-2016

    We are lucky enough to have a big group of guys in studio to play a game together. See how it all plays out as they sit back and have some fun!

  • Tyler Griffin Fucks Zach Covington 08-21-2016

    Tyler and Zach get the testosterone going with a quick wrestling match before sucking, rimming and fucking their way to an amazing orgasm!

  • Levi Jackson Fucks Zach Covington 08-07-2016

    Our two sexy redheads, Levi and Zach, are in the studio today and ready to fuck! We hope you enjoy watching Levi claim Zach's perfect little ass as he takes him raw and hard!

  • Bootcamp With Antonio Ferrari 08-06-2016

    Go behind the scenes with some of the models and see how they handle a hardcore bootcamp workout led by Antonio!

  • Antonio Ferrari And Zach Covington 07-29-2016

    New guy Antonio gives Zach his whole cock in this sexy scene! Enjoy watching these two studs fuck hard as Zach takes that big dick!

  • Ryan Fields Fucks Zach Covington 07-06-2016

    Ryan and Zach are ready for a good fuck and today Zach's taking the dick! He lets Ryan pound him hard until Zach's covered in cum!

  • Brandon Evans Fucks Zach Covington 06-29-2016

    Brandon Evans and Zach Covington are back, and this sexy pair is ready to please! Watch these two studs go at it hard as Zach gets his ass dominated by Brandon!

  • Tanner Valentino And Zach Covington 06-22-2016

    Today we welcome back Zach Covington with the very sexy Tanner Valentino. We hope you enjoy Tanner dominating Zach's tight ass!

  • Gage Owens And Zach Covington Flip 06-17-2016

    Gage and Zach both get some dick in this sexy flip scene! Watch these guys pound each other raw and hard!

  • Zach Covington And Junior Fernandez 06-01-2016

    Today we bring back the very sexy Zach Covington with the new guy Junior Fernandez! Enjoy watching Junior get fucked bareback until he's ready to come!

  • Benjamin Dover Fucks Zach Covington 05-22-2016

    Enjoy a couple of our newer models, Benjamin and Zach, as they taste each other's cock and then Zach gets his ass pounded by Benjamin's bareback dick!

  • Zach Covington Sucks Tim Hanes 05-15-2016

    Our newbies suck and get sucked for the first time today! Tim sees what it's like to get head from a guy and Zach sees what it's like to have a cock in his mouth!

  • Zach Covington Jerks Off 04-27-2016

    Zach Covington may be new, but this guy has all the confidence he needs to strip down, jerk off and shoot a huge load!

  • Getting To Know Zach Covington 04-26-2016

    It isn't every day that a hot ginger applies to be a Broke Straight Boy. When we saw Zach's application we immediately picked up the phone and got him on the first flight out, and now we get to learn more about this stud!

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  • bsb2mchypa on 10/31/2016

    Zach if you ever want a sugar Daddy just let me know.

    • BSBZachCovington on 11/05/2016

      Well I mean, you can follow me on Twitter, zachcovington25

    • Hockeyman39 on 08/22/2016

      Dear Zach: I want you to know I am in love with you. From your ARM PITS, body, butt, dick and believe me A LOT more man! Sincerely, Joe :) ;) :O :P

      • anonymous on 08/21/2016

        Zach any chance I can get an signed pic of you?

        • BSBZachCovington on 08/26/2016

          Yeah forsure just message me on Twitter. Zachcovington25

        • sinkirudu on 07/30/2016


          • Tazwolf on 07/04/2016

            Adorable redhead that loves to take cock and suck cock. thanks for finding him and filming him.

            • dannyfrat on 05/28/2016

              Zach, you are definitely hot. Being army is hot and doing porn. Love your look, red hair a turn on for me. and your smooth and trimmed up body. Love a muscular guy like you. Love to see you top and bottom. Brandon or Tanner, someone who would get into kissing you. You look like you wanna kiss.

              • Hockeyman39 on 05/23/2016

                Zach you my man are a STAR! I love everything about your body & from your toes to BOTH HEADS too! :) lol :) :P :O :P And DAT ASS OMG! PURE Heaven!

                • Hockeyman39 on 05/19/2016

                  Zach you are nothing but OUTSTANDING & so handsome too! GOD BLESS America and you too! What s Dream doll you are. Thank you for coming to BSB! I hope you will have many good times here! :) ;) :O :P :O :P

                  • Hockeyman39 on 05/22/2016

                    If we were ever to meet I would want to strip your clothes all of and start licking you EVERYWHERE including IN your ARM PITS & butt crack too! Spending a lot of lime licking you out. You have the softest looking skin & a BEAUTIFUL looking butt too! :) ;) :O :P :O :P :O :P :) ;) :O :P

                  • coco57 on 05/19/2016

                    Zack, of the new group of BSB, you are by far my favorite. I understand you are not going to be here for very long, but I look forward to your scenes. Not normally into red heads, but you have given me a lot to think about.

                    • lkepley on 05/16/2016

                      Zach, I love your red hair and your trimmed pubes, would love to see you saved down below. I love that you are a natural in front of the camera. I love your passion, and thank you so much for sharing with us. YOU ROCK MY WOLRD

                      • dannyfrat on 08/27/2016

                        Zach, couldn't agree more. Love your red hair, very trimmed pubes, and your worked out body. Love how you love taking cock and kissing.